Human Rights Through Cinematography festival: ‘El Rayo’

After spending thirteen years in Spain, Hassan is jobless and decides to go back home to Morocco. He invests all his savings in a second hand tractor and takes to the road. At the end of the road awaits his family and a new life in his village. The film ‘El Rayo’ captures a real journey played by a real man who travels from town to town meeting with unforgettable characters and overcoming obstacles.

The film was screened at United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Islamabad on 30 November. In a very interesting treatment of the worldwide phenomenon of migration, ‘El Rayo’ explores the challenges of migrants and what could be done to solve their problems. Director of UNIC Vittorio Cammarota┬ámade the opening remarks while Communications Officers at the Food and Agriculture Organization Waqas Rafique ┬ámoderated a discussion with the Spanish Ambassador to Pakistan Carlos Morales Sanchez after the screening.

‘El Rayo’ was earlier screened at the University of the Punjab in Lahore on November 21 as part of the film festival.