Human Rights Through Cinematography festival: ‘Lampedusa in Winter’

The Italian “refugee island” of Lampedusa is in the firm grip of winter. Tourists have left. The remaining refugees fight to be taken to the mainland. As a fire destroys the worn down ferry that connects the island to Italy, Mayor Giusi Nicolini and the local fishermen struggle for a new ship.

A tiny community at the edge of Europe is engaged in a desperate struggle in solidarity with those who many consider the cause of the European refugee crisis: the African boat people.

The film titled ‘Lampedusa in Winter’ unveils the hidden face of an all-too-often forgotten island. In a sensitive portrayal, the film explores the various facets of migration. It was screened at the Embassy of Austria on 2 December.

Ambassador of Austria to Pakistan Dr. Brigitta Blaha welcomed the guests and made introductory remarks at