Human Rights Through Cinematography festival: ‘Sonita’

United Nations Information Centre and the Embassy of Switzerland co-hosted the screening of the documentary ‘Sonita’ at the Embassy of Switzerland in Islamabad.

It is a film about a 17 year old Afghan refugee girl living in Iran who dreams of becoming a rapper. But the Iranian government doesn’t let girls sing solo.  Tradition bears down on Sonita Alizadeh as her Afghan family is keen to marry her off to receive dowry. Armed with nothing but passion and persistence, she must turn every obstacle into opportunity.

The Ambassador of Switzerland Marc P. George welcomed the guests including the Ambassador of Cambodia, Representative of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, Indrika Ratwatte, Country Director United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Hassan Mohtashami from United Nations Population Fund, David Terzi, Country Representative International Organization for Migration and Isabelle Gattiker, Director International Festival and Forum on Human Rights.

“Countries like Pakistan and Iran have been hosting millions of Afghan refugees for decades and it has had a great impact on both the countries economically as well as culturally,” said Indrika Ratwatte.

Isabelle Gattiker stressed on the need to promote films on human rights as it helped create awareness among people and educated them about what needs to be done for improving the human rights situation in any country.

‘Sonita’ was also shown in Karachi at the Centre for Excellence in Journalism during the film festival.