Human rights highlighted on television

To mark the Human Rights Day, Vittorio Cammarota, Director United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), Isabelle Gattiker, Director of the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, and Eiza Abid, winner of the international ‘Celebrating Freedom’ poster competition participated in the PTV World morning programme “World This Morning.” Isabelle Gattiker discussed the ‘Human Rights Through Cinematography’ initiative, a film festival on human rights organized by UNIC in collaboration with partners. Eiza Abid said that freedom of thought was a basic human right and everyone deserves to have it. She also described how she, as a young Pakistani, understands human rights. Explaining the theme of Human Rights Day 2016 – stand up for someone’s rights today – Vittorio Cammarota urged everyone to step forward and defend the rights of women, children and minorities.