Message to staff by the acting Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, United Nations Pakistan, Mr Knut Ostby

Dear colleagues

I take this opportunity to formally introduce myself as the acting Resident Coordinator, Humanitarian Coordinator and Designated Official for the UN in Pakistan. I am very excited to return to the country after 14 years. I look forward to building upon the excellent work of Neil Buhne in positioning the UN as a trusted development partner of the Government as we accelerate our support on the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.

Although it has only been a week since I have arrived, I have already seen that your work at national and sub-national levels speaks volume of your dedication, passion and conviction in producing impactful results and upholding the UN values of integrity, diversity and professionalism.

I am impressed by the work that you have done in producing the UNSDF/OPIII (2018-2022). It clearly sets out the strategic direction of our support to the Government of Pakistan with the strongest emphasis on Leave No One Behind. Our Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus and the humanitarian support in drought-stricken areas of Balochistan and Sind is another area where your works stands out.

The UN Reforms call for more agile, smart and flexible approaches in our support to the Government and our partners. Our coordination structures provide us a good starting point to collectively brainstorm and take action. I am keen to work with you on how we leverage innovation, big data and new partnerships so that we continue to be relevant and support the Government to produce more results. We must continue to deliver under all the three pillars of the UN Charter: Peace, development and human rights, and also attending to humanitarian needs, we need to keep in mind that truly sustainable development can only be achieved by people themselves, and with national leadership and ownership. Our role will always be to work in support of national partners, and to underpin the people’s own initiatives for development.

My office and I remain committed to supporting you in your work and in creating an enabling environment so that, together with our partners, we can help the Government achieve the SDGs with Leave No One Behind at the heart of it. 

It is my honour to serve you and this country.

Warm regards