Promoting respect for diversity among children through puppet show

Islamabad, 14 November 2018: On the occasion of the International Students’ Day, the Embassy of the Argentine Republic organized a Puppet Show at the Argentine Embassy in Islamabad.

The show aimed at promoting respect for diversity and difference and offered an opportunity to bring together children from very poor, middle class and high-income backgrounds to respect one another and enjoy an art form that has a very long tradition in Pakistan.

Renowned, Lahore-based puppeteers of Rafi Peer Theatre enthralled the audience with songs and improvised situations about the need for children to respect each other and not to engage in aggressive attitudes due to differences in income, ethnicity and physical appearance.

The Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz, who was the Chief Guest, Ambassador of Argentina, H.E. Ivan Ivanissevich and other guests were sitting on the floor with children in a bid to promote unity, shared moments of joy and interaction with the children.

In his speech H.E. Ivan Ivanissevich underlined the idea that very often children and grown-ups reject those who are different because of ignorance regarding their abilities, beliefs, their different appearances, habits or traditions.“Rejecting or bullying those who are less well-off or different to us produces situations in which nobody wins. Making an effort to understand one another, sharing games or helping one another will always make our lives much more enjoyable, help promote creativity and ensure a better future for everybody,” he said.

The embassy served lunch boxes to participants with the cooperation of Serena Hotels and gave away bags with footballs and volleyballs to the participating schools with the support of Atlas Sports, Sialkot.

The United Nations Information Centre supported the event.

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