UNIC has functional autonomy and is responsible for promoting the activities of the regular UN bodies –including the Security Council and other organs, in a form geared towards local interest. It also supports the public information efforts of specialized UN Agencies and Programmes. The Centre’s staff consists of international and national personnel cooperating with other UN entities and striving to project a comprehensive and unified image of the UN in Pakistan.


  • UN Observances
    Together with other UN entities, UNIC encourages government officials and NGOs to celebrate designated UN observances, such as: UN Day, and Human Rights Day.
  • Press Conferences and Briefings
    UNIC organizes regular media events to publicize the work of the United Nations. These aim at increasing public understanding about the activities of the UN in Pakistan and around the world. The launch of the most important annual reports of the UN system is also announced at the Centre, and press conferences for senior UN officials visiting Pakistan are organized as maybe appropriate.
  • Newsletter
    A Bi-monthly Magazine of the United Nations Pakistan, is published by United Nations Communications Group in Pakistan.
  • Website
    A very comprehensive website is maintained by UNIC, providing news-letters , selected publications, and information about the United Nations.
  • Liasion with NGO’s
    UNIC holds regular liaison with non-governmental organizations that are affiliated with the DPI (Department of Public Information). DPI helps these NGOs gain access to and disseminate information about a range of issues in which the United Nations is involved so as to enable the public to understand better the aims and objectives of the Organizations.
  • Publications
    Translates and publishes Information Material and DPI publications – eg: Basic Facts about the UN, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


UNIC serves as the eyes and ears of the UN Headquarters in Pakistan. It keeps in touch with Government officials (particularly the Foreign Office and Information services) and the media in order to reflect their viewpoint on a wide range of issues concerning the United Nations. The Centre also plays a role in selecting and supporting the participation of Government and NGO representatives, journalists and educators to official UN gatherings organized outside Pakistan.


The Centre ensures open access to UN documentation for all the people of Pakistan and responds to all requests for information from visitors/callers/letter writers. It distributes to the public, on demand but with some limitations, a number of UN publications pertaining to various fields of activity. Magazines emanating from most UN Agencies are readily made available to the general public.


UNIC cooperates with other organizations in arranging lectures/functions at clubs, educational institutions and various organizations on topics related to the United Nations. UNIC officials are available for such lecture-meetings.


Thanks to an agreement signed between Pakistan and the UN Postal Administration, UN stamps and commemorative issues are channeled through UNIC and made available to collectors-philatelists at the Pakistan Philatelic Bureau, GPO, Karachi.


United Nations publications are made available to the public through United Nations Sales agents. A list of official vendors is available from UNIC.