UN Wall

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, we are asking the youth of Pakistan to promote the values of the United Nations.

The UN Wall campaign is specially designed for young people of Pakistan and aims at gaining their support for disseminating the values of the United Nations throughout their schools and universities.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for having the youth showcase a positive image of their country through their active engagement giving them a chance to play their part in the 70th founding anniversary celebrations of the United Nations.

The campaign relies on the collaboration with educational institutions. Schools and universities are supporting this project by allowing their students to dedicate one or more prominent walls on their premises and write on them one or more key messages on the values of the United Nations, provided by UNIC.

The messages, available in both English and Urdu, focus on education, gender equity, hunger, climate change, health, peace and tolerance, volunteerism and other priority areas of the United Nations in Pakistan.

Students’ creativity plays a crucial role for the making of the UN Wall. All educational institutions joining the campaign will be listed in an interactive map that will be shared globally in the context of the UN 70 celebrations.

Become our Ambassadors
If you are 12 years old or above, you can become our youth ambassador and can get a chance to represent the United Nations in your educational institution.

Fill in the UN Wall youth ambassador form along with a high resolution picture and send it to info.islamabad@unic.org to get a unique opportunity to contribute to the work of the United Nations.  [Youth Ambassador form] download

For further details download the backgrounders or log on to www.facebook.com/unitednationspakistan

Info Packages

UN Walls Across Pakistan :UN Wall Map