Lahore, 14 -15 April 2015: Over 300 students from colleges and universities in Lahore attended interactive discussions about work of the 19 UN agencies working in Pakistan.

After Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, the United Nations Communication Group enhanced its outreach to Punjab and organised communication workshops in Lahore with the aim of promoting common understanding about the development and humanitarian assistance programmes of the United Nations in Pakistan and strengthening relations with different stakeholders at the provincial level.

Two communication workshops specially developed for the young students were organised in collaboration with University of Central Punjab (UCP) and Lahore College of Management Sciences (LUMS).

The UNIC Director, Vittorio Cammarota and communication experts from the United Nations informed students about the role of the United Nations in Pakistan and in the world in the areas including: education, health, climate change, refugees, women empowerment food security and socio-economic development. Mr. Cammarota also shared about up-coming United Nations’ communication campaigns such as UN Wall campaign and UN Corner specially designed for the young Pakistani students. He encouraged youth to take active part in these campaigns.

A media workshop was also organised with the journalists associated with the Lahore Press Club and the Lahore Union of journalist. Over 40 journalists actively engaged with the colleagues from the United Nations and hold discussions on the projects and programmes of the United Nations in Pakistan.

The communication workshops provided a great opportunity for students, media and the United Nations to interact with each other and enhancing the understanding about the role and interventions of the United Nations.